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  • Are you licensed?
    Yes. Our Brokerage is licensed with multiple broker delegates throughout the Calgary area. All our associates are also licensed in Property Management through the Real Estate Council of Alberta.
  • How long will it take to find a resident?
    Depending on the time of year, finding a new resident takes a minimum of 2 weeks. We are constantly keeping up to date on the rental market and how best to attract residents to provide you with the best resident in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • How do you determine the rental amount?
    We utilize our vast knowledge in the Real Estate market as well as comparing other homes in the area to determine a market price for your property. We take into consideration your input as well.
  • Can I be involved in choosing the resident?
    100%! We vet every resident that completes an application with us, however you, the owner, always has the last say. We ensure we provide you with our recommendation and any pertinent information regarding the application and then you get to make the final call.
  • Will I pay the monthly management fee if my property is vacant?
    No. For vacant properties that are vacant, there is a minimum monthly fee, which enables us to support you in finding a new resident . For first time management owner’s this vacant fee will not apply until after your first residency has been completed.
  • When should I expect my monthly payment and statement?
    You can expect your monthly payment and statement to be released on or before the 15th of every month, for the month PRIOR. Taking into account weekends & holidays.
  • What happens if a resident does not pay their rent?
    We will do our best to collect the rent. If the resident does not pay, we issue an eviction notice and follow through with the proper protocol as outlined in the Residential Tenancies Act. We have the resident move out of the property and we utilize their security deposit to pay their outstanding rent and any other outstanding bills.
  • How long does the eviction process take?
    Evictions are issued on or before the 10th of any given month. It is required to give the resident 14 clear days’ notice to either pay the rent or move out. At minimum it can take up to 1 month for the eviction to be finalized. If there are extending circumstances that would lead to filing a claim with the Residential Tenancies Dispute Resolution Services (RTDRS) it can take up to 6 months with the current waitlist with the RTDRS.
  • Will I be able to access and check on my property?
    You are more than welcome to request an inspection or join us for any pre-determined inspections, however a CIR associate must be present and must provide proper notice for any walkthroughs.
  • How do you handle repairs?
    We use professional judgement to determine if a repair is required or not. If it is required, we enlist one of our trusted contractors to complete the work within the allotted spending amount. If the repair is not required, we request it to you on behalf of the resident for your prior approval.
  • What if I make repairs myself or have a home warranty?
    We take down all this important information and make sure it is always available to our associates, so they know who to contact regarding maintenance items.
  • Should I allow pets on my property?
    You do not have to allow pets on your property if you do not want to. We ensure that if pets are allowed, that the resident pays a pet fee, signs a pet agreement and is approved by you and any condo board (as required).
  • When will I get my Security Deposit back?
    We are required by law to release your security deposit within 10 days of the last day of possession on the property (the day you hand the keys back to us). Releasing the deposit does not mean that you will receive it within 10 days, it means it is released into the mail sent to your new address. If there is a reason that we would need to withhold your security deposit for extended repairs or cleaning, we can provide you with a statement of account within the 10 days, providing estimates on the costs of the deductions, in which case we would provide you with a final statement and any remaining security deposit funds within 30 days of giving up possession.
  • What is a security deposit statement?
    Your statement of account shows your total security deposit amount and includes any charges against you that were accumulated over the course of your residency or during the move out process. Included in your statement are copies of receipts for any charges and then a final line item showing the amount owed back to you, less these deductions.
  • Do I get the interest that was accumulated on my security deposit at the end of the lease?
    Interest bearing security deposit accounts have been set at a 0% interest rate since 2009. For more information, please visit
  • Is a softcheck legal?
    Softcheck is perfectly legal. Certn works with privacy commissioners and leading compliance professionals from across North America to ensure our processes are legal and ethical.



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