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CIR REALTY has partnered with Certn for all background and credit checks
for all applicants.


Most landlords will ask a tenant for a credit report or use a free report software such as Credit Karma to pull a credit report for an applicant.


not only can we pull a comprehensive credit report, but we also pull a Soft check, which is a real-time, public information search that searches over 200,000 databases from over 240 countries looking for criminal records, court decisions, negative press, social profiles, public biographies, past employment and more.


Softchecks are much more affordable than a criminal record check.

Softchecks can be run regularly without further consent to manage risk with your tenants, contractors, employees and vendors.

Softcheck provides real-time results in mere minutes.


Softcheck will tell you if there is a record as well as any charges, court cases, the status of the file and more. Soft check looks at records from around the world, 240 countries to be exact.

Softcheck provides more data. Most criminal record checks will only let you know of the existence of a criminal record without further consent or fingerprinting.

Improved Applicant Experience: Softcheck does not always require the same level of consent because all of the data we collect is public. Criminal record checks require explicit consent and sometimes secondary consent.

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